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Saturday Night, 1-12-13

Woodbine 1-12-13 031Another really fine crowd was on hand for The Woodbine Opry tonight.  Our first-time visitors were from Fernandina Beach, Fl., upstate in New York, Portsmouth, N.H., Paradise, Pa., San Angelo, Tx., and London, England.  I do hope that you all enjoyed your evening with us here at The Opry and perhaps can come back again.

The cake table was full again; thanks to all who donated to this cause.  The half-n-half was $237.00.

Those providing tonight’s entertainment were J.C. Hunnicutt, Brian Rowland, Hershel Hickox, Robert McCullers, Joe Muench, and yours truly.  Thanks to all of these musicians for tonight’s program.  We had a good time!

The link to tonight’s photos/videos:  http://s1143.photobucket.com/albums/n636/TheWoodbineOpry/January%202013/  I have begun placing the photos by month so as to better find a certain date.  On the lower right-hand side of the photo page, on Photobucket, the albums are listed and you can click on the album you want to view, and toggle back and forth between them.

Check back in with us on Thursday for the Mid-Week Tid Bits, and “like” us on facebook at The Woodbine Opry/Saturday Night.

Also, on www.thewoodbineopry.com notice the pages that you can visit and comment on.  Besides the “blog” page, posting comments can be done on the “Grapevine” and “Opry Friends” pages.  Here you can pass along any information appropriate for that page.  I encourage your input on these pages as it can be not only informative, but fun chatting with others from here at The Opry.

I hope that you all have a good week and can make it back again real soon to The Woodbine Opry.

Opry On!

Bob Staats





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