The Woodbine Opry is the home of bluegrass, gospel, and classic country music provided on a weekly basis at the Old Woodbine School, in Woodbine, Georgia.  Friday evenings are filled with old-timey bluegrass and gospel songs while Saturday’s program is dedicated to good ole’ country music of days gone by. No matter which you prefer, an evening

Fun for all

of fun and entertainment can be found at The Woodbine Opry every weekend.   Each night’s program begins at 7:00PM.

A snack room is available with coffee, tea, sodas, popcorn, and other candies and snacks for our guest’s convenience. Also for sale are t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, and opry caps. Feel free to visit our snack room and socialize with other guests.

Location:  We are located at the corner of 2nd St. and Camden Ave. in Woodbine, Ga.  The address is 205 Camden Ave., Woodbine, Georgia 31569.


For information regarding the Friday Night Opry contact Hoydt Drury at hhdrury@tds.net or call Hoydt at 912-576-3027.

For information on Saturday Night’s program, contact Robert McCullers at robert.mccullers@comcast.net or phone Robert at 912-673-9609.

Doors open at 6:oo, programs start at 7:00; admission free.

Friday’s Facebook website is “The Woodbine Opry/Friday Nights”

Saturday’s Facebook website is “The Woodbine Opry/Saturday Night”

If you have other info or questions for website info, contact Annette Staats at annettestaats@comcast.net or phone at 912-230-8371.


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